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Our Message

“Faith Ties” is a film that tells a story of letting go of control and trusting God to do what he has promised. Written first as a play  and later adapted as a screenplay by Dobkowski, “Faith Ties” follows two lost souls as they each need to fight through their individual struggles to come out on the other side with their faith intact. The audience will witness a Christmas miracle that strengthens the faith of all involved and softens the hearts of a church community hardened by the fear of today’s economic times.

“Faith Ties” was conceived out of true life events, this moving tale uses a bit of heavenly assistance to guide one lost soul back on the path of faith while keeping the other from losing her way.


All appears calm at the Bethel Church until their new pastor receives a vision for his ministry that he must pursue. Problems arise when the congregation, frozen by the fear of today’s economy, discovers that their young pastor has leveraged his family home, as well as his church’s building and property, as collateral on the purchase of an abandoned bread warehouse to expand the church’s outreach mission in “wrong-part of town.”

Life goes from bad to worse when the pastor’s devoted wife, Maya, faces a crisis of faith — in God and in her husband — as the possibility of becoming homeless looms. A mysterious stranger named Angel intercedes and leads Maya to Chris Nicols (Demond Wilson), a homeless drunk with a hidden past, who guides her back to the path of Faith and Hope.