Can a Faith-Based Film “Make It”


The latest Faith Based Film to hit the big screen, The Shack, just did 16 million its opening weekend, and if we look through history it can be seen that there is a place for God in the entertainment industry. According to Fox News, the top ten highest grossing faith-based films are:

1. The Passion of the Christ, $611,899,420

2. Heaven is for Real, $ 100,469,789

3. War Room, $67,790,117

4. God’s Not Dead, $60,755,732

5. Son of God, $59,700,064

6. Soul Surfer, $43,853,424

7. The Nativity Story, $37,629,831

8. Courageous, $33,456,317

9. Fireproof, $33,456,317

10. Risen, $33,147,242

A quick glance at the above list shows that there is room for God in the entertainment industry, and maybe even an untapped thirst for more films focused on religion of faith-based themes.

Of course, the creation of faith-based films is much deeper than trying to make a successful movie. Although there is a fiscal goal, there are also many intangible reasons as to why one would want to make a faith-based film. In our case, we want Faith Ties to spread the message of Faith, Hope and Love to as many people as possible.

3 thoughts on “Can a Faith-Based Film “Make It””

  1. I have watched many of those movies listed and strongly agree that their is a need and even more so, a thirst for more. With the days and times we are currently experiencing, the need is stronger than ever!

  2. Hi FaithTies
    Years ago a really smart person was asked what is the most powerful thing in the world?. ( this guy ,among other things ,was like develop the atom bomb smart)
    His reply ” i thought the atom bomb was the most powerful thing in the world . I now know that the most powerful thing in the world is not the atom bomb . The most powerful thing in the world is theTruth……”.
    The characters in the mentioned faith based movies all experienced life transformation and all that it entails.
    Our world needs to know there is Hope. Our world needs to know we have purpose.
    Our world needs to know that these transformations are not just in the movies. They happened to real people and they can be experienced by everyone!
    This is the Truth
    We need the Truth
    Love you guys

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