The Story


FAITH TIES follows the spiritual journey embarked on by a pastor’s wife after her husband, a man of unwavering faith and determination, receives a vision to grow his church.

Problems arise for Pastor James when his congregation, frozen by the fear of today’s economy, aligns with the church accountant, Bill, a callous character.

Bill informs the parish that their young pastor has leveraged the church’s buildings and property, as collateral for the purchase of an abandoned bread warehouse to expand his outreach mission in the “wrong-part of town.”

Life goes from bad to worse for the pastor after his wife, Maya faces a crisis
of faith — in God and in her husband — as she begins to fear the possibility of losing everything.

A mysterious stranger, named Angel, soon enters to seemingly guide Maya back to the path of faith and hope.

Angel, however, goes off course and turns to help Chris Nicols, a homeless man with a hidden past.


Today, people are yearning for this kind of story to be told. It is the right story at the right time. The fears of losing one’s job, one’s home, and not being able to pay the bills are on almost everyone’s minds these days.

FAITH TIES, with it’s message of unwavering Faith and ceaseless charity, is a story that can calm fears, instill hope, and in turn, will become a holiday classic that will sell for years to come.

This is a message that needs to be heard all around the country.


A Christmas film, FAITH TIES will sell extra units every year during the Christmas season, generating profits for years to come.

With Christmas comes the added bonus: the FAITH TIES SOUNDTRACK loaded with classic hymns and carols. The soundtrack will be a prize for everyone’s Christmas collection.

Watch the complete version of “Faith Ties – Social Distancing Version